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MANAGED Services

Managed Services for Corporate Networks

Performance Computer Solutions offers “A la carte” Managed Services Solutions where many IT support companies do not.   We offer customized service plans to meet your company’s needs.  We can maintain your entire IT infrastructure or simply monitor just a single device.  Call us today and find out how PCS can reduce your IT costs.

Anti-Virus Protection:
Server and Workstations Monitoring:
Network Infrastructure Monitoring:
HIPAA Compliant Backups, Monitoring and Management:
Patch Management:

Our Managed Anti-Virus Protection Includes:

  • Automatic Program Updates
  • Virus Outbreak Alerts
  • Alert Email Blasts to warn you about the current PC Scams
  • Hacker and Security alerts

Our Server and Workstations Monitoring Includes:

  • Failing Hardware
  • High CPU/Memory Utilization

Our Server and Workstations Monitoring Watches:

  • Firewalls, Switches, Routers, printers, etc.
  • Device CPU/Memory Utilization

Our HIPAA Compliant Backups, Monitoring and Management: Includes:

  • Manage and monitor backups
  • HIPAA/SEC/PCI compliant automated on/offsite backup solution provider

Our Patch Management Services:

Never have to manually update your servers or workstations again!

We automate patch management for Windows, Adobe products (Reader, Air, Flash Player), Java, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, plus many more.

These programs are vulnerable to viruses and require constants updates to keep them secure – our system does it for you.

Affordable and Personalized Corporate IT Services

At PCS, we make Corporate IT affordable. Call today to discuss an on-site service plan that fits the specific needs of your business.

All services listed are billed monthly. Call anytime to add a service or to cancel.

*Hourly rates apply outside of these services. PCS will not proceed with any services unless we have your verbal consent.