Imaging and 3D Software

Performance Computer Solutions specializes in Dental Practice imaging software applications and can provide solutions to resolve image quality issues and other various Dental imaging and x-ray software performance issues.

For over 25 years we’ve been helping our clients navigate the unique problems and troubles that can be had with implementing and maintaining these Dental imaging packages and their specialized digital imaging equipment, not to mention the complex interactions that they create with the other hardware and software required to smoothly run your Dental or Orthodontic Practice.

We’ve done it all, from troubleshooting and fine-tuning long-standing imaging installations to integrating and optimizing brand new digital radiography hardware/software installations of the most common Dental imaging packages, so we can surely assist you with yours, bringing our years of expertise and countless problem solving experiences to your situation.

Are you currently experiencing problems with your Dental radiography and imaging hardware or software? Reach out today and we can start with our FREE network evaluation – read more here.

If you are experiencing trouble with these or any other Dental imaging systems, PCS can help.

Imaging Software Examples:

  • Kodak/Carestream
  • Dolphin Imaging
  • Schick
  • Dexis
  • Patterson Imaging
  • Vixwin
  • Plus many more