Hosted VoIP:

Use your high-speed Internet connection to deliver a high quality, yet very affordable business phone system, with advanced features typically only found in far more expensive systems.  Hosted VoIP blends the ease of do-it-yourself installation with the power of cloud computing to deliver the features and quality of service you’d expect from a business class phone system. Even better, cloud based VoIP has plenty of room to grow as your business expands without breaking the bank.

On premise phone systems have now become a thing of the past.  With almost 95% of all companies having high speed internet there is virtually no reason not to move to a hosted solution.

Have multiple locations?  Moving?   Do your Outside Sales Personnel need office phones with a company extensions?  Hosted based PBX is a no brainer and can do far more than the traditional on premise phone systems.

Concerned about your internet going down?  Did you know you can run you Hosted VoIP PBX on a backup 3/4G hot spot?

Main Features:

  • Call analytics included: Find out your busy times and who is and is not producing on the phone.
  • Record calls for customer service and training
  • Outlook integration
  • Turn you cell into your office phone
  • Video calling
  • Electronic fax integration
  • Dictation software utilizing Dragon Naturally Speaking technology