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Cloud-Hosted Voice over IP Phone System

On-premise phone systems with bulky boxes and disorganized wiring are now a thing of the past. You can use your high-speed Internet connection to deliver a first-rate, amazingly economical, and dependable business phone system with our cloud-based phone system.

Hosted VoIP phone systems, which combine the ease of do-it-yourself installation with the power of the cloud, give cutting-edge enterprise features.

Even better, VoIP that is hosted in the cloud has lots of room for expansion as your business grows without breaking the bank.

Visit our site WeConnect Business Communications to learn more about this system. We also provide phone system phones and accessories – see our VOIP Hardware page for more information.

Learn More At WeConnect Business Communications

Learn More At WeConnect

Main System Features

  • Call analytics included: find out your busy times and who is and is not producing on the phone
  • Record calls for customer service and training
  • Outlook integration
  • Turn your smart phone into your office phone
  • Video calling
  • Electronic fax integration
  • Voice mail to email with call transcription
  • Website based management with easy-to-use customer portal

Learn more about our cloud-based VOIP phone services and hardware offerings by visiting our site WeConnect Business Communications, or contact us today with your questions.